Friday, April 23, 2010


Thanks to oleolemanis for using our service! Scrapers feel free to surf on their blog if you are looking for the goodies for ur wedding!!They really have cute and gorgeous stuffs!wink wink =)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Plain Cheeries: 2+4 Photos

You Complete Me!

Happy 2010 Birthday Baby!

-Thanks to Nad-

RING FRAME for ur digitalscrapbook!

RING FRAME: Don't know how to decorate ur room with ur digitalscrapbook?
Circularize your digitalscrapbook and show them off in a urban-chic constellation of modular cardboard rings. So many of the best things in life are circle-shaped.
Here just follow this few steps and ur room will looks like no other!
In ur hand:

•An assortment of cardboard tubes: toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, shipping tubes, even oatmeal boxes or pringles! 
•Sandpaper (optional)                                                    
•X-acto knife
•A whole bunch "o" photos
•Scissors or circle cutter
•White glue

STEP 1: Clean Up the Rolls

Remove any labels or leftover paper from each of the cardboard rolls.
If the paper doesn’t peel off readily, you can scrub it away with a small piece of sandpaper.

STEP 2: Mark Rolls

Now to divide those rolls into rings of varying widths. Make many different sizes so you have a good mix when you put them on the wall.
Using a ruler and pencil to mark the width of each ring will help you keep the cuts straight and level.

STEP 3: Cut Tubes Into Rings

Use the X-acto knife and/or scissors to cut the tubes into many different-sized rings.

STEP 4: Trace Circles

Trace around the ring to mark a circle on the photo you want to frame.
Cut out the circle using scissors (or a circle cutter). The circle should be just a bit wider than the outside of the ring.

STEP 5: Glue Photos to Rings

Draw a thin bead of glue on the rim of the cardboard ring and glue the photo circle in place.
You can glue the photo to the front of the ring so it stands out from the wall, or to the back of the ring so you can peer in at it.

STEP 6: Repeat

While the glue dries on the first ring, repeat Steps 4 and 5 with the remaining cardboard rings and photos

STEP 7: Glue Rings Together

When all the rings are done and dry, use a little white glue on the side of the rings to glue them together.
Arrange them in a circle, a random pattern, or any dang ol’ way you like!

STEP 8: Put ‘Em Up

Hang the rings on the wall by putting up a few pushpins or small nails and slipping the rings over them.

Here you go ur wall deco with ur own digitalscrapbook!isn't it easy uh? Try it now and good luck scrappers!

•Use a few different colors of paint to color the inside and/or outside of the cardboard rings before you glue on the photos.
•Glue the rings together in small groups of three or four so you can easily rearrange your collection.

p/s- Wonder frame has been postponed to the next update. Sorry for the incovenince.
Have a nice day.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

VALENTINE'S Sample for you!!

You call it madness,but i call it L.O.V.E.

Get it and decorate it with your D.I.Y frame and give to him/her!

Happy Valentine's!

Valentine's Special!

We provide you together with printing service only for ur valentine's day! You don't have to worried anymore where and how to print it. We offer you design + print + hot lamination + soft copy + posting only at RM38 for any template that you want! For those who still looking for valentine's gift, this package absolutely for u! Just send us ur photos with ur love's one and we will design it now! Stay update with us for D.I.Y wonder frame tutorial. =)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Update!

Cheers to Valentine's Day!! Make this Valentine's Day extra special, and create a unique and romantic photo album for your love interest. Say "I Love You" to that special someone using digitalscrapbook! Take photos and scrap it all together! Stay tuned for more updates from us on the new Valentine's layout design soon!xoxo =)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our 1st freebies for Iheart Scrappers! Sorry for the delay people.

You are cute,smart,happy and special folks!
That's why we given away to you. Specially design for all Iheart Scrappers.

Try out our 1st freebies now! Simply put your photo at the back of the layout and not to forget feel free to tag us in our facebook fan page once you done it. Enjoy! Let's see who can nails the scrapbook aite!=) Just click on the link here for dowonload it's YOURS!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Mini update here. Don't forget to download our 1st freebies for you to try tomorrow! Stay update, stay scrapping!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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